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Letters of Recommendations for John Adair

"I was fortunate to have John as a student at Lawrence Tech in the fall of 2010. I have to say that John was a top-notch student with very high work ethic. Participation in class was never an issue; all of John's work was accurate, complete, professional in appearance and always submitted on time. With business ethics such as this, any company fortunate enough to have John as an employee would certainly recognize these same traits and benefit from John's contributions to the business. Sincerely, Dave Clark Adjunct Faculty, Lawrence Technological University" March 2, 2011

Dave Clark, Technical Sales Consultant II, AT&T (academic)
Dave taught me IT Security at LTU.

--- Adair Services --- Information Technology Management ---

"John was a fellow colleague at Lawrence Tech University. John was a diligent student who made his fellow classmates better by asking challenging questions that encouraged the use of critical thinking which helped improve classroom discussions pursuant to the topic for that particular week." February 28, 2011

Royce Wilkerson, Software Quality Assurance Manager, NLM (academic)
Royce was a classmate of mine at LTU.

--- Adair Services --- Information Technology Management ---

"John is a very customer and detail oriented individual. He is very open and has no hidden agenda in his business dealings. He is willing to put forth extra time and effort to deliver a quality service to his client." February 11, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Rod Phillips, Facility Engineer, Caterpillar Inc.
Rod hired Fata Automation as a General Contractor in 2007, where John represented Fata.

--- Adair Services --- Mechanical Engineering and Design ---

"I worked with John on joint Projects as a subcontractor for Fata Automation. John is a very detail orientated person and never loses sight of the milestones set forth in a project. John maintains the ability and foresight to see hidden problems before they arise and provides solutions before they become major issues. The projects that I have worked on with John were highly successful for both our companies and I would not hesitate to work with him in the future. It is with these qualities in mind that I would recommend John for employment. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions." December 18, 2008

Bryan Hendricks, Installation Manager, United Erectors
Bryan installed the equipment that John designed and engineered.

--- Adair Services --- Mechanical Engineering and Design ---

"I had the pleasure to work with John Adair on a million dollar project that I was the Project Leader on. John provided all the detailed CAD drawings for the "J" Hook frame structure and carriers. This was very complex with both mechanical and electrical challenges. John did a very professional job in designing and presenting workable drawings to me. He was very flexible in accommodating changes that we requested. John has creative ideas that proved to be very beneficial to us for completing this project on time and in budget for us. John is highly motivated individual to get the job done." December 8, 2008

Jeff Sazama, Sr. Manufacturing Engineer, Wacker Neuson Corporation
Jeff was the manufacturing engineer responsible for the work being done by Fata Automation Inc., who John represented.

--- Adair Services --- Mechanical Engineering and Design ---

"I worked with John Adair at Ford Chicago Assembly in Spring 2004, and he did a good job in laying out and detailing header steel for the various conveyors in the plant. John is very proficient in making electronic drawings using AutoCAD. The Ford Chicago project was very challenging and demanding, and John enjoys this type of work. I enjoyed working with John, and would definitely recommend him for future engineering projects." February 10, 2009

John Sweda, P.E., Structural Engineer, Automatic Systems Inc.
John Sweda worked directly with John onsite at Ford Chicago Assembly.

--- Adair Services --- Mechanical Engineering and Design ---

"John is a very qualified conveyor Engineer. He has alot of conveyor experience and has a great work ethic. He is particularly knowledgeable in all areas of CAD." December 17, 2008

Chris Wood, Engineering Manager, Acco Systems Division
Chris managed John at Durr Systems, Inc.

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