"Red" Adair puts out fires.

The sirname Adair is well known around the world primarily because of a renowned American oil well firefighter named Paul N. "Red" Adair.

According to The Guardian, Adair became resourceful in battling the oilfield fires of the Persian Gulf. "He decided to exploit pipelines used to carry oil from stations in the oilfields to the Persian Gulf. These would be reversed to carry salt water from the Gulf back to fight the fires, a plan that required pumping the 1.5bn gallons of water that were eventually used. Adair had to fly to Washington in June to testify in order to get his equipment. With his flair for showmanship, he showed a dramatic slide presentation, explaining that extinguishing a fire is not the most difficult part. What happens afterwards is the most dangerous, because while the well is still blowing it can flash and reignite, killing the crew on top of it."

In 2003, Ray Smider of Durr Automation, nicknamed John Adair as Red.

Smider, now retired, was an experienced conveyor engineer. Smider's workmanship was known to be very exact. Smider would revisit and change his designs nth times to make them perfect; the eponym Smiderize was created and is used in the Greater Detroit Area by many conveyor engineers and designers.

John Adair became known as John "Red" Adair because of his abilities to solving business problems expeditious.