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Conveyor Design

Design of conveyors is one of the greatest accomplishments of Detroit, Michigan. So much so, that Edsel B. Ford commisioned Diego M. Rivera to paint Detroit Industry, a set of murals at the Detroit Institute of Art.

In the past two decades I have been working in this industry and have learned those who design conveyors (and manufacturing facilities) has to be adept at handling many details at once which most can not.

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Conveyor Design Services

Technology Analysis

Building an IT Strategy for your business can be a tricky one. Let me do an analysis of your business and see what solutions I can find.
Technology Analysis Services

Remote Engineering and Design

One of the best ways to reducing costs in engineering is to utilize remote talent through the use of remote engineering; using people with talents that are not within your own company is one of the biggest reasons for outsourcing.

The engineering and design add up to about 5% of the cost of many projects; yet errors made from that department are the most costly.

Custom Built Websites

Search Engine Optimization

Personal Training

If you want to get old, just stop exercising. Otherwise, call me.